Poor Nations Facing Calamity Decry the Great Climate ‘Con’

23 January, 2022

Posted by: Njango Njung'e

Poor Nations Facing Calamity Decry the Great Climate ‘Con’

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The great climate migration has reached the South Pacific. On Fanalei, one of the eastern Solomon Islands, rising waters and howling storms have made life unbearable, observed Simon Mundy, author of “Race for Tomorrow,” a book he wrote after visiting 26 countries to record the spreading climate crisis.

…“Poor nations will not be conned,” said Mohamed Adow, who heads the Nairobi-based environmental think tank Power Shift Africa.

India has upped the ante: it’s demanding a hike in climate finance from the rich world to $1 trillion.

Whether that number is fair or not, the moral case for developed countries to pay for the climate crisis is unassailable. They bear the primary responsibility for wrecking the ecosystem: Of the 2,500 billion metric tons of carbon spewed into the atmosphere since 1850, the U.S. has released more than 500 billion tons, or 20% of the total—by far the largest share. (China is a distant second with 11% of emissions.)

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