Some protests were violently broken up

14 April, 2023

Posted by: Njango Njung'e

Some protests were violently broken up

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The European Gas Conference (EGC) should have taken place behind closed doors on Monday in a Vienna hotel on the Parkring, but this was prevented by environmental activists.

..."We have a colonial history," Lorraine Chiponda of Don't Gas Africa told APA on the sidelines. She spoke of companies that have continually exploited Africa's resources, making massive, obscene profits. "We're not Europe's gas station," added comrade-in-arms Dean Bhebhe from South Africa. Resource exploitation has driven inequality across the continent. "The food security of fishing communities in Senegal is at risk because of new gas exploration," Bhebhe said, referring to new coastal LNG gas mega-projects in response to falling imports from Russia due to the war of aggression against Ukraine.

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