18 October, 2023

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In a remarkable display of solidarity and determination, people from diverse backgrounds across Africa converged in Nairobi, Kenya, from September 3rd to 6th, 2023, to participate in the Real Africa Climate Summit which consisted of a People's Assembly and March.  The event, organised by different stakeholders including civil society organisations, trade unions, indigenous groups, women, youth, and various others, sought to confront Africa's pressing climate challenges while championing African solutions that prioritise the welfare of its people over foreign interests and corporate greed, which was missing in the African Climate Summit. 

The Real Africa Climate Summit emphasised that addressing the climate crisis transcends beyond merely reducing emissions. It necessitates confronting the broken systems of power, politics, and economics that prioritise elite interests above the welfare of both people and the planet. The event echoed the sentiment that incremental changes are insufficient and that what is imperative is a radical departure from the prevailing neoliberal, extractive, neo-colonial, and patriarchal systems. It also called for a reversal of global financial flows, which currently siphon trillions of dollars from the Global South to the Global North annually.  

The Real Africa Climate Summit stood as a testament to the potency of grassroots movements. It heightened awareness about the climate crisis, exposed vested interests, and mobilised communities. It awakened a newfound awareness among Africans, urging them to act and assert their voices in shaping climate policies. A People's Declaration was launched as a blueprint for African governments to guide their climate and development policies, placing the well-being of people and the planet at the forefront. 

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