UN report shows hottest seven years on record

02 June, 2022

Posted by: Njango Njung'e

UN report shows hottest seven years on record

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With temperatures rising by the day in several parts of the country, peculiar events continue to manifest as people seek refuge in cooler and greener places.

The past few months have seen livestock increasingly migrating in search of pasture, marking the peak of the dry season characterised by extreme heat waves, drought and famine.

...“For Africa, the climate crisis caused by fossil fuels has been a source of untold suffering. It’s to their shame for Europe to even consider making Africa its go-to for oil and gas supplies due to the Ukraine conflict, instead of leading the way out of this mess. “We must heed the science and ban fossil fuels. Investment should be in renewables, which are in plenty and affordable,” Mr Mohamed Adow, the Power Shift Africa Director, told Planet Action.

But experts say the fossil fuel industry is adamant about making profits at the expense of humanity. “Banning fossil fuels is nonnegotiable. To keep fossil fuels alive is to fan a deadly flame that will consume us, by ruining our future as well as our children’s,” Mr Adow added.

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