VPRO Backlight: The power of Africa

17 January, 2023

Posted by: Njango Njung'e

VPRO Backlight: The power of Africa

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In about fifty years, Africa will have not only the largest group of young consumers, but also the largest labour market. And there is enormous potential for developing green energy. So it is high time for a different view of the African continent. What can Africa achieve if it operated as a large power bloc?

...There is not only huge economic growth in Africa, the continent also has the best potential for developing a large-scale green energy sector. Africa's largest solar farm is already located in the Sahara, the largest wind farm is in Kenya and the Congo basin has enormous hydropower capacity. “Africa has the potential to become the world's Green Energy Super Power in the future,” notes Amos Wemanya, Power Shift Africa's Renewable Energy Advisor.

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