Why continent should lead the Green Revolution

14 March, 2022

Posted by: Juliah Kibochi

Why continent should lead the Green Revolution

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It was billed as the summit that would reset ties between Africa and Europe. Only time will tell if this relationship, traditionally seen to have colonial undertones, can finally move to a mutual one.

The AU-EU Summit happened after years of cancellations, with only half of African heads of state attending.

Top on the agenda was the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine inequity, trade protocols and energy transition. The EU pledged to support Africa with its transition to a renewable path.

The continent is aware it needs to embrace the energy of the future, but it needs financial help in order to achieve this. Fossil fuels are the past. We have more wind and solar resources in Africa than anywhere else and yet our people are some of the most energy starved in the world. This is a perverse reality, one which should be a global priority to fix.

Historic European greenhouse gas emissions have helped to create the climate crisis now being suffered most acutely by Africans. It is only right that European leaders commit to funding the renewable energy revolution in Africa so that we can create a prosperous and safe world for all.

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