24 November, 2023

The impact of the climate crisis on life on the planet in 2023 has been unprecedented. Temperature records have been soaring as populations globally, especially in Africa, suffer from heatwaves and crushing droughts.  

This will likely be the hottest year in human history. The UN Secretary-General has rightly described it as the ‘‘era of global boiling.’’  

The overriding question, therefore, is, will we get a similarly unprecedented COP28 climate summit? One that responds with the scale and urgency that matches the escalating climate crisis? 

This paper details Africa's priorities at COP28. It also demonstrates how and why Africa’s rich history of collaboration and steadfast commitment to sustainable development must shine through at this COP. Its unified voice will be crucial in unlocking the climate finance stalemate, for instance, to decisively address climate change and build a resilient future for the continent.